2021 Membership Fees

Single –      £35.00
Double –    £65.00
Triple –      £80.00


Payments will be automatically collected through our new membership system, PushPress. If you are not registered on PushPress by 20 January 2021, we will be unable to collect your membership fees and therefore consider you a lapsed member

How Payments will be Managed

In order to reduce any strain on families, we will be splitting this into two payments.

20 January 2021

Single-    £20
Double-   £40
Triple-      £60

15 June 2021

Single-    £15
Double-   £25
Triple-      £20


It is incredibly important that both these payments are made on the dates above in order to preserve your membership with both the club and Swim England.

Many of our classes have long waiting lists, so it is important that you ensure payment is made on the above dates.